LOOKOUTS™ Short Film Review Update

In addition to being featured on the Nerdist and Verge, we continue to find exciting reviews and articles on this short film passion project.  It's so gratifying to hear the thoughts of film fans and industry commentators who share our love of fantasy motion pictures.

“Lookouts is Game of Thrones quality. It has a big-budget feel.”


“It's seriously astonishing how good this is, and you'll wish it was even longer.”


“What is apparent from the first frame to the last, is that Bousquet never stumbles in his delivery of a great film.”


“…this is honestly young adult fantasy filmmaking at its best, away from the overabundance of CGI-driven efforts found so often in contemporary movies.”


“A Highly Impressive Fantasy Short.”


“Director David Bousquet and Producer Kristin Bousquet dived head long into the cinematic challenge of the fantasy action genre.”


Short Film of the Month - LOOKOUTS, Director David Bousquet


Short Film of the Month - LOOKOUTS, Producer Kristin Bousquet


David Bousquet