On their final trial as village LOOKOUTS™, a troop of young scouts are ambushed by the very creature they were hunting.  After a violent battle the lone survivor, Pehn, escapes into the shadows of the Eyrewood™, a mysterious and deadly forest that is home to all manner of wild creatures.  The most horrifying of all is the Basilisk, a winged titan with the power to turn its prey into stone.  This is the beast the troop of LOOKOUTS™ were seeking, and now it hunts for Pehn.

This film began as a short passion project and grew into a monster.  Literally, we built a monster.  Making this film was an opportunity to play with creature design, costumes, weapons, exotic settings and fantasy themes that aren’t exactly common in our commercial production lives.

More than anything, this project gave us the opportunity to explore longer format storytelling techniques and new stylized looks for the visuals.  We set out to film real locations and physical sets, real characters, real props and practical VFX.  Anytime we had the ability to capture a visual in camera or record something live and on-location, we did.  That’s a large part of this film's challenge and a huge point of pride.

Ultimately this film is about fighting your own instincts, confrontation over cowardice despite the overwhelming odds.  It’s about optimism and recognizing a belief in one’s self.  Those were common themes for the characters on screen and for the filmmakers throughout the entire creative process.



This LOOKOUTS™ short film was created by RedGate Films Inc. and is based on Penny Arcade, Inc.'s "Lookouts™" copyright 2009, which was written and illustrated by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik.  This film was produced with the express written consent of and with a limited license from Penny Arcade Inc.  Lookouts™, Eyrewood™, Thornwatch™ and Penny Arcade® are trademarks of Penny Arcade, Inc.  Check out the original comic that inspired this short film as well as other great work by the creative team at Penny Arcade®.