Wow!  Scott Beggs (@scottmbeggs), one of the good people over at Nerdist.com just wrote and posted an incredibly nice review of our LOOKOUTS™ Short Film.  It’s an honor to be acknowledged by our fellow sci-fi and fantasy movie fans.  Scott describes our Basilisk monster by saying, “…the basilisk design evokes a Hensonesque Dark Crystal feel that plants one foot firmly in the land of make believe.”  As lovers of all things Jim Henson and especially of his feature film creatures, that’s some seriously high praise and we’re humbled by the association.  Thanks so much, Scott.  

Check out Scott’s article here:  http://nerdist.com/this-fantastic-lookouts-short-film-pits-scouts-against-the-basilisk-in-a-deadly-forest/

You can also find great articles and podcasts about other exciting projects at: nerdist.com

David Bousquet