Creating The Score For LOOKOUTS™

In film, there is a 50/50 relationship between sound and picture.  They’re equally important, no question.  Combining powerful sound design with an epic score was incredibly important in the LOOKOUTS™ Short Film because that same measure of scale was so intensely pursued with the visuals.

Our composer, Pablo Croissier, was actually one of the first contacts we made during pre-production, even before we had a cast.  Throughout some of production and all throughout post, Pablo crafted and refined version after version of incredible tracks for each key scene.  There is a bed of music running through almost the entire film, with an intentional break to service the story.  Pablo would be the first to admit that writing the music is only the first (albeit, the most important) step towards creating the final score for the film.  To get the true fullness and intensity out of those notes, they have to be expertly mixed.

Mixers, Zavosh Rad and Orlando Perez Rosso, helmed the translation of Pablo’s score into the beautiful sonic experience that plays on-screen.  All three men, Pablo, Zavosh, and Orlando are part of LOUDMONO, which is a full-service sound company that specializes in music and sound design for all areas of entertainment media from film to commercial advertising.  The highest praise I can offer this team of creatives is my deep appreciation for their INSISTENCE on perfection.  The over-and-beyond hours they put into composing, mixing and polishing work at the studio was immeasurable.  I say that because I honestly don’t know how many extra hours they put into this passion project.  I only know it was A LOT!

Once the score was complete, it was paired with the rich sound-scape created by Siddharth Dubey.  Sid works out of London and focused his talents on laying in all of the ambient tones, foley FX and dialogue that was married with Pablo’s score and melodic sound design.  I’m so proud of the moments when these two great artist’s visions combine; the sounds of the Basilisk, for example.  The abstract animal cry created by Sid paired with Pablo’s two-note creature theme achieves an audible signature to our monster that feels “just right” yet also “unique” to this film.

LOUDMONO has created a couple behind-the-scenes featurettes about their work on the LOOKOUTS™ Short Film.  Check them out in the links below!

Composer Pablo Croissier and mixer Orlando Perez Rosso celebrate with guests at the LOOKOUTS™ premiere in San Francisco.

Composer Pablo Croissier and mixer Orlando Perez Rosso celebrate with guests at the LOOKOUTS™ premiere in San Francisco.

David Bousquet